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INWA Member Gathering 2023

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – The term INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association) may be unfamiliar to some members of the general public, but not to those involved in the textile sector. INWA is an Indonesian forum or organization that can address the demands of nonwovens entrepreneurs.

Non-woven fabrics have been around for a long time. Wet wipes, masks, and bandages are among the everyday items manufactured with non-woven materials. Non-woven or non-woven fabric is a cloth-like substance. In other fabrics, the fiber is spun into yarn first. Non-woven fabrics, on the other hand, are created from short and long threads that are linked together through a variety of chemical and mechanical processes.

The material is called non-woven since it is not sewn like traditional fabrics. Polypropylene fiber is a typical fiber used in the production of non-woven fabrics.

There are many uses for nonwoven fabrics, including:

  • Medical and health world: surgical gowns, medical masks, hand towels, gloves, plasters, wound dressings, surgical drapes and covers, and shoe covers.
  • Household supplies: kitchen tissue, facial tissue, kitchen tissue, mops, table cloths, tablecloths, bath mats, blankets, and disposable bath/face towels.
  • Personal items: baby diapers, feminine hygiene kits, sanitary napkins and tampons.
  • Food and pharmaceutical industry: tea bags, coffee bags and pharmaceutical filters.
  • Manufacturing industry: PPE, tissues, dusters, shoe cleaning cloths, up to first and second class industrial wipes.
  • Coating material: book cover or outer coating for PVC products.
  • Everyday wear: hat, shoe sole and tote bag.

Examples of nonwoven fabrics around us

INWA Annual Member Gathering at Senayan Avenue Golf Club, Jakarta

INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association) was established in 2016. INWA (Indonesian Nonwoven Association) started with an initial meeting held on 17 December 2013 in Bandung and was attended by delegates from ANFA (Asia Nonwoven Fabrics Association) and EDANA (European Disposables and Nonwovens Association). The necessity to establish an association in Indonesia to satisfy the demands of nonwovens players prompted this conference. Since then, various nonwovens firms in Indonesia have begun to hold quarterly meetings in order to collaborate on the formation of nonwovens associations in Indonesia.




  • To support Nonwoven players in production, research and development activities, industrial relations and relations with the government

  • Strengthen the relationship between nonwovens, technical textiles and supporting industries.

  • Become a nonwoven industry representative in discussions with the government, labor representatives and others.

  • Government support policy development program and national economic modernization.

Recently, on March 21 2023, INWA held a member meeting at the Senayan Golf Club, Jakarta. This event was attended by members of INWA, and the ministry. There were several agendas carried out in the event which were carried out, including:

  • Regular gatherings of INWA members and government officials
  • Handover of INWA chairperson position from January 2021 to December 2022 period.
  • Inauguration of the new INWA committee and chairperson of INWA Period January 2023 to December 2024.
  • Presentation of material from the Government “Macro Performance of the Textile and Textile Product (TPT) Industry and the Non-Woven Industry Sector” by Mr. Ignatius Warsito

The following is the INWA Management Committee for the period January 2023 to December 2024

Ms. Velda Agustino as Chairperson, Mr. Billy Hidjaja (Vice Chairperson), and Ms. Novi Loe (Treasurer)

While Mr. Hengky Lau is the Coordinator of the Foreign Affairs, for the Coordinator of the Internal Affairs is held by Mr. Albert Arthur.

Mr. Aditya Suryaman as Event Coordinator.

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