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31st Edition Textile Buletin


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We present the 31st edition of the Textile Bulletin (July 15, 2023) in a new color. The media that we know as the Textile Bulletin is always innovating to present quality and balanced articles.

The Textile Bulletin is an online media that specializes in presenting news/articles related to the textile industry, we deliver it to loyal readers of the Textile Bulletin in the form of a website and PDF.

From the 11th edition to the 30st edition, all articles are featured in the website and PDF, but for this 31st edition, we changed the appearance regarding PDF articles, PDF articles which are usually more than 2 sheets, now we present only the first 1 page, the following pages can be followed in the form of a website easily, simply CLICK Read More at the bottom of the article, thus readers will be directed to the website to read the full article.

This issue features reports and interesting articles about the condition of the textile industry in the country, figures, success stories and other articles which are of course very valuable and are selected articles that provide information that is not to be missed.

Finally, we thank all parties who have participated in the continuity of the Textile Bulletin, we hope that this bulletin will become a medium that continues to strive and contribute to the TPT industry. We hope that the changes to this 31st edition will bring new enthusiasm and freshness to both loyal readers of the Textile Bulletin and this media can benefit all of us.

Happy reading

The following articles are included in this issue:

1. Sustainable Textile Dyes (Part 1)

2. 49th Anniversary of API (Indonesian Textile Association)

3. “CREATIVE” Holds Declaration of Bacalon Chairperson of IKA and Secretary General of ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic Bandung

4. Impact of Indonesian Textile Market Flooded with Chinese Products, Minister of Industry Evaluates a Number of Rules

5. Overview of the Textile Industry in Java, in the 9th century (History of Nusantara Textiles, part 3)


7. Success Story: “Bima Kunting, Started a Business from Selling Shrouds”

8. 9 Effective Steps to Create an Industrial Waste Management Plan

9. “GUARDIAN” Holds Ngopi Luwak



We really hope for constructive suggestions and criticism so that in the future this media will grow and be taken into account in the national media industry.

Editor Team

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