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The Demand from Masses of Labor Demand During a Protest on August 10, 2023

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – On Thursday, October 8, 2023, the Million Workers Action Alliance (AASB) went on strike. The Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI), the Congress of the Alliance of Indonesian Trade Unions (KASBI), and the Joint Workers’ Movement of the People (GEBRAK) are all members.

To secure the labor protest on August 10, 2023, roughly 6,612 joint troops were deployed. According to Kabid Humas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, the thousands of combined personnel included the National Police, the TNI, and the Regional Government.

The following are the six demands of the August 10, 2023 protest that you should be aware of:

  1. The demand for the repeal of Omnibuslaw Law No. 6 of 2023 on Job Creation and its Derivative PPs.
  2. Demands that all policies, laws, and regulations that are unconstitutional be repealed (Minerba Law, Criminal Code, Job Creation Law and its implementing regulations, UU IKN, Agriculture Law, National Education System Bill, and ITE Law Revision).
  3. Demands to repeal Permenaker No. 5 of 2023 on Adjustment of Working Time and Wages in Certain Export-Oriented Labor-Intensive Industrial Companies Affected by Global Economic Changes.
  4. Oppose the land bank and put an end to agricultural liberalization and land grabs.
  5. Calls on the academic community to quit suppressing democratic venues.

The sixth and last demand is for an end to the persecution and criminalization of the People’s Movement in all sections of society.

On August 10, 2023, the labor protest or protest will begin at the ILO Building, MH Thamrin Street Jakarta, and will then travel to the Constitutional Court Building and the State Palace.

Workers in Large Numbers Plan Siege of Jakarta

Dozens of trade union representatives attended a rally in Majalengka, West Java, on Thursday, May 11, 2023, before to the Big Demo on August 10. The gathering resolved to launch a plot to encircle Jakarta on August 10, 2023, with a demand to repeal the Omnibus Law, Law Number 6 of 2023.

The deal was announced in the ‘Majalengka Resolution May 11, 2023 Alliance for Action for a Million Workers (AASB)’. Jumhur Hidayat, General Chairman of the Confederation of All Indonesian Trade Unions (KSPSI) and Coordinator of the Million Workers Action Alliance (AASB), stated that the Majalengka mass assembly was a message to the government and the DPR. According to him, there is genuine opposition to rules that are manifestly harmful to employees and the Indonesian people in general. He stated that the campaign against the Job Creation Law will continue.

“As a result, this alliance of dozens of confederations and federations will never stop until those reckless regulations that marginalize the little people who have been marginalized are repealed,” Jumhur stated.

10 August 2023 Labor protest

Apart from the repeal of the Omnibus Law on Job Creation, the labor movement today also demands the repeal of all policies, laws, and regulations that are contrary to the constitution, including the Minerba Law, the Criminal Code, the Job Creation Law and its implementing regulations, the IKN Law, the Agriculture Law, the National Education System Bill, and revisions to the ITE Law).

Not only that, but they also urged that the Minister of Manpower Regulation Number 5 of 2023 be repealed, which deals with modifications to working hours and salaries for specific export-oriented labor-intensive industrial firms that are affected by global economic shifts.

Workers also protested against the land bank, demanding a halt to agricultural reform and land grabs. Demanding and rejecting the suppression of democratic space in the academic environment. Then, demand that all segments of society cease repressing and criminalizing people’s movements.

Meanwhile, Moh Jumhur Hidayat, general head of the All Indonesian Trade Union Conference (KSPSI), confirmed that the action was preceded by a long march from Bandung to Jakarta. Because the law’s text was deemed liberal, the demands made were a type of worry.

Jumhur recognized that its execution had been a source of contention from its inception. This law, he claims, disregards the concepts of protection, fairness, balance, harmony, and concord.

However, when it came to the August 10, 2023 labor protest, which was tied to Rocky Gerung’s call while attending the AASB consolidation ceremony on July 29, 2023 at the Islamic Center in Bekasi City, Jumhur fiercely disputed that the labor action was related to this bogus problem.

Jumhur underlined that Rocky was merely a speaker at the time, giving speeches on various causes and criticizing the regime. Rocky also addressed the AASB-scheduled “people power” action on August 10, 2023.

(Red B-Teks/Ly)

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