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10 Fashion Trends That Will Go Viral in 2023

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – A number of observers, especially in the fashion world, have started releasing fashion trends that will be hits in 2023. Most of them are dominated by last season’s fashion trends which will continue to shine this year.

1.The trend of DIY crochet tops and colorful patchwork is expected to remain popular in 2023 with a more relaxed vibe

Knit top ( Postiglioni)

2. Motocross jackets or Formula 1 style jackets will be hits this year. This is evidenced by the many Hollywood artists who began to popularize it

motocross jacket ( Anggara)

3. It seems that Y2K fashion will continue to shine in 2023, this fashion trend has the theme of fashion in the early 2000s

Y2K clothing (

4. Loafer lug-sole is a shoe that refers to a thick rubber sole that will remain popular in 2023, especially in spring

lug-sole loafers (

5. According to Lana Blanc, cargo pockets will appear again this year and will appear on all fashion items, from tops to pants

fashion cargo pockets (

6. Not only cargo pockets, Lana Blanc also estimates that metallic materials will dominate clothing and accessories this year

metallic fashion illustration (

7. Timeless, blazers will continue to adorn the world of fashion this year, giving the wearer a semi-formal impression

blazer illustration ( Miroshnichenko)

8. In 2023, more menswear will be reorganized into the workwear fashion segment for women

women’s fashion illustrations (

9. Fashion trends in the 80s will also boom this year, highlighting bright colors and streetwear

fashion illustration in the 80s (

10. Faux leather leggings will continue to be popular this year which are able to give an outfit a touch of edginess

leather leggings ( Ghobadi)

For those of you who don’t want to miss trends, get ready to welcome this latest fashion trend.

(Red B-Teks/Ly)

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