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“CREATIVE” Holds Declaration of Bacalon Chairperson of IKA and Secretary General of ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic Bandung

I am Cecep Daryus as Candidate for Chair of IKA ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic for the 2023-2027 period – I am Ryan Hasan Kurniawan as Candidate for Secretary General of IKA ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic for the 2023-2027 period”

We ask for the blessing and support from you as the alumni of the IKA STT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic, we hope that our good intentions will receive blessings from Allah SWT

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – Following the previous Guardian statement, Read: “GUARDIAN” Riady – Ananta, the Chairperson of IKA and the Secretary General of CREATIVE (Cecep Daryus-Ryan Hasan) held a declaration at the Ramayana Ballroom in Preanger Hotel, Bandung (22-06-2023). Cecep Daryus – Ryan Hasan will run for Chairperson of the STTT IKA – STTT Bandung Polytechnic for the term 2023-2027, competing against Guardian Ryadi-Ananta.

CREATIVE has a Vision to Realize a Contributive, Collaborative, Innovative, and Competitive IKA ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic, as stated by Cecep Daryus in an interview with IKA must be able to contribute to its graduates in the future.

Get to know Cecep Daryus – Ryan Hasan more closely  


The Chair candidate of IKA is an alumni of the class of 1995 who subsequently went on to do his Masters at Padjadjaran University and has served as Chair of the Student Senate as well as an administrator for IKA in the field of three industrial policies. Meanwhile, Secretary General Candidate of IKA, Ryan, is a class of 2010 alumni who went on to complete his master’s degree in management at Widyatama University. He is a secretary of IKA ITT-STTT-STTT POLYTECHNIC Bandung Raya area, and also the Director of PT. Alaska Masterpiece at the moment.

Looking at their biographies, it appears that they are well-suited to run for the positions of IKA Chairman and Secretary General. Furthermore, they have the support of various senior delegates ranging from the 73rd to the 2017 young students. Apart from direct supervision at the site, the class 80 chairman Haris and the class 89 leaders Shobirin and Bagdza are also on board. The strong support from the second batch of candidates stood out even more.

CREATIVE’s mission is as follows:

  • Increasing alumni associations’ role in accommodating all alumni’s network potential by stressing technological methods
  • Creating cross-generational alumni synergy in presenting a variety of ideas that result in actual work
  • Developing collaboration with multiple parties in order to generate competitive and superior products POLYTECHNIC -STTT-STTT IKA
  • Increasing the organization’s financial independence so that it may operate more dynamically and freely
  • Developing a tight interaction between alumni ties and alumni in a family-like atmosphere
  • Become a strategic partner of the STTT POLYTECHNIC in creating competitive graduates and implementing new ideas to respond to advances in science, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Aside from Vision and Mission, it appears that they have a Strategic Plan that they would implement if elected later.

When speaking with the textile bulletin team, Cecep Daryus stated that he had support from numerous generations to proceed as a baccalaureate candidate.

There is an urge or motivation to make STTT alumni reunite in a family that was a little strained yesterday with the IKATSI Congress, although organizationally, these differences are very natural and are bound to happen,” Cecep Daryus explained.

Meanwhile, Rikirik, the head of IKA, stated that initiatives such as cooperatives that were already in place had to be followed up on; it was only an idea that we had to enhance jointly. Furthermore, if elected, Cecep disclosed where IKA will be taken in the future. According to him, IKA needs to work more closely with IKATSI, API, APSyFI, and other stakeholders so that they can assist each other and contribute to the progress of the textile sector.

Internally, IKA’s role must be able to work hand in hand with the ministry, then with textile organizations, and collaborate with campuses to help students who are financially constrained, and there is much more that can be done,” Cecep Daryus explained.

My goal is for these alumni to become dependable textile entrepreneurs who can collaborate with HIPMI and IKADIN to revitalize the economy, particularly the TPT industry,” he said.

(Red B-Teks/Ly)

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