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“GUARDIAN” Riady – Ananta Declares Himself as a Candidate for Chairman and Secretary General of IKA STTT Bandung Polytechnic 2023-2027

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Bandung – The Guardian’s screams echoed in the auditorium hall of the STTT Bandung Polytechnic master campus building last Thursday (June 1st 2023) along with the end of the Declaration of the prospective chairman of IKA.

Guardian is the slogan of this pair which means Guyub-Amanah-Riyadi-Ananta who will advance to the IKA congress, where the management of the IKA Polytechnic – STTT for the 2019-2023 term is currently held by Rikrik Supriyadi., AT.MBA with its secretary general Rizal Tanzil Rahman. , S.ST which will end in July 2023. Riyadi and Ananta are the candidate pairs for general chairman and general secretary (sekjen) for the 2023-2027 period. The Declaration event was attended by dozens of campus alumni representatives across generations from the 60s to 2017 young alumni with various professions and careers.

Declaration of Candidates for Chairman and Secretary General of IKA

Cross Alumni Support from Batch 60 to 2017

The congress will take place in July.” “We really hope that support for Guardian will continue across alumni generations to help Kang Riady and Ananta manage IKA in the future,” said Okta, the Guardian coordinator.

Overview of STTT Bandung Polytechnic

The College of Textile Technology was created in 1922 by the Dutch government as Textiel Inrichting Bandoeng (TIB). This TIB was formed to promote the textile sector and train textile specialists. This institution was called Orimono Shinkensyo during the Japanese colonial era.

This institution evolved into the Textile High School (STT) in 1954, and practically all STT alumni worked in the textile and textile product sectors and associated professions, created their own textile enterprises, or worked as public employees at the time.

Because of the advancement of science and knowledge in the subject of textiles, as well as the creation of complicated challenges in the textile industry, the existence of educational institutions in the field of textiles itself continues to grow. As a result, the College of Textile Science (PTIT) was established in 1964.

The Textile Technology Institute was created in 1966 as a merger of AKATEX, PTIT, Balai Besar Tekstil, and Pilot Pemintalan, based on a Decree of the Department of Textile and Handicraft Industry.

Graduates from ITT played a key part in practically all textile sectors throughout the 1960s, when Indonesia’s textile industry grew fast and was able to supply local textile demands. Even in the 1970s, Indonesia supplied textiles to a number of nations throughout the world.

ITT, as a tertiary university in the discipline of textile technology, is doing well toward becoming a globally recognized tertiary institution. In the 1970s, UNIDO picked ITT to promote textile businesses in Indonesia, and the Dutch TNO to support textile industry established by the Dutch colonial authority in Indonesia. At the same time, ITT partnered with Indonesian textile businesses, domestic and foreign colleges, machine makers from Japan and Europe, and other international organizations.

Based on a Joint Decree issued by the Ministers of Industry and Education and Culture on June 6, 1981, ITT has been separated into two institutions, namely the Balai Besar Tekstil and the College of Textile Technology (STTT).

Since the 1980s, textile commodity exports have earned considerable foreign money for the country, and STTT alumni have made a significant contribution to this foreign exchange generation. STTT is now the sole government-owned university in the discipline of textiles.

STTT Bandung Polytechnic, a century-old institution, has matured in its function as the carrier of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, serving as a center for teaching and developing textile science and technology, and has produced tens of thousands of graduates who are involved in the service of the State of Indonesia.

Getting to know the candidates for Chairman and Secretary General

Riady Madyadinata (Prospective Chairman), also known as Kang R, graduated from the Textile Engineering class of 1986, while Ananta Dwihasto (Secretary General) graduated from the class of 2007.



Riady and Ananta each read out the guardians’ vision and mission in the proclamation; they were resolved that IKA would become a home of dreams and action for graduates in the future.

We (Riady-Ananta) are moving forward with the vision of making IKA ITT-STTT-STTT Polytechnic a home for alumni aspirations-actions that provide the best quality internal and external benefits through regeneration-communication-synergies and sustainable from and for all Indonesian textile stakeholders,” they emphasized.

Vision and Mission of Riady – Ananta

Riady also stated that good programs under the current IKA administration will undoubtedly be continued, such as the Prosperous Textile Synergy Cooperative (SINTESA) program. In the many candidate missions and recommendation comments they got, they focus on rejuvenation and other things.

(Red B-Teks/Ly)

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