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Epson Launches Surecolor Textile Printer with Multi-Color Inks

Epson, the market leader in digital dye-sublimation printers today announced two new models, the SureColor SC-F6430 (4-color model) and SC-F6430H (6-color model).

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta –Continuing the success of its predecessor model, Epson took further enhancements by equipping it with the latest PrecisionCore MicroTFP Printhead and integrated ink system. It is Epson’s newest high-performance solution for small to medium-sized textile production companies seeking to quickly and efficiently create high-quality images. This printer is ideal for promotional and personal items, sportswear, house décor, soft signage, and other applications.

The new printer is equipped with a PrecisionCore MicroTFP printhead that enables higher productivity thanks to an increase in printhead width, from 1 inch to 1.33 inches. The Auto Take-up Reel unit also eliminates unnecessary manual adjustments, making printing simpler than ever.

Integrated Ink System

The new SureColor textile printer features an all-new integrated ink system. The ink is in a 1.6L bottle, which is a 45% increase in capacity compared to the previous 1.1L ink pack. This allows Epson’s new textile printers to minimize downtine while increasing productivity.

Users can also be confident that they are not wasting ink because the ink is designed for a one-year lifespan rather than just 25 days after ink pack installation. The SureColor SC-F6430 and SC-F6430H also feature easy ink pack installation and replacement.

Users are not required to fill the ink reservoir with ink. The new SureColor printers’ operation and upkeep have also been simplified. Users can now easily remove the ink packs and shake them out when required, saving them time. SureC color SC-F6430 and SureC color SC-F6430H ink installation and refilling is now simpler and neater than ever.

High Image Quality

The SureColor SC-F6J30H expands users’ business possibilities by adding an additional set of two colors to their palette from an expanded list of three color sets. The color palette includes bright pink and yellow, orange and violet, as well as light cyan and light magenta.

Fluorescent pink and yellow broaden the color gamut’s yellow, green, and magenta regions. Soft signage, sportswear, and fashion attire are all possibilities. Light cyan and light magenta create less graininess, resulting in better gradations. Soft signage, animation prints, and picture prints on hard surfaces are all possible.

The orange and violet regions of the color gamut are expanded. Ideal for exercise jerseys, fashion wear, and swimwear. These new SureColor models include innovative features that are intended to provide our customers with dependable, fast, and high-performance dye sublimation printing options. With such a large market share, Epson is continuously working to improve productivity and offer operationally friendly designs in order to increase production turnaround times.

I believe the SureColor SC-F6J30/H can open up opportunities in the dye-sub market for small, to medium-sized textile production companies. Adding a personal touch to Epson’s promotional products and personalization, sportswear, home decor, soft signage, and other uses.” stated Lina Mariani as PT Epson Indonesia’s Senior Manager Vertical Business.

Epson is now certified as the top textile printer brand, and we will continue to reach even greater heights by continuing to innovate and create the most efficient solutions,” he said. The Epson SureColor SC-F6430 and SC-F6430H printers are available for sale in the Indonesian region starting March 2, 2023.

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