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Get to know PT. Embroitex Jaya, Embroidered Fabrics Manufacturer in Gresik

BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – The Textile Bulletin Team had the opportunity to recently visit a textile factory producing embroidered fabrics, namely PT. Embroitex Jaya which is located in the Driyorejo Gresik area.

This factory is the sole textile manufacturer that produces embroidered cloth using a vertical embroidery machine (Schiffli Embroidery) in East Java. In addition, this company is one of 6 types of factories in Indonesia.

In running its business, Embroitex Jaya has 11 units of Swiss-made Saurer Epoca and Lasser brand embroidery machines. The factory which has been operating since 2000, was founded and operated by Dicky Sumitro, a national entrepreneur of Indian descent. When he first entered Indonesia in 1979, Dicky worked as a production manager for the Embroidery Department of PT. Kewalram Indonesia in the Rancaekek Bandung industrial area.

Dicky Sumitro, (originally D.K. Galvankar) graduated from the Victoria Jubilee Technical Institute, Mumbai. After developing his career in PT. Kewalram, he also worked for PT. Horizon Syntex which later changed its name to PT. Lotus Indah Textiel Industries. Within 13 years he managed to improve his position from being a manager of a company owned by someone else then establishing his own first factory in the Jemundo area, Sidoarjo.

Embrotama Indoteks has 10 secondhand embroidery machines by Hiraoka brand. When setting up this first factory, Dicky was still a foreigner, so he was assisted by an Indonesian business partner. He then sold the factory after operating for 10 years. After receiving the status as an Indonesian citizen, he started to build his second embroidery factory using the latest machines from Switzerland.

Various things can be shared by Dicky Sumitro regarding his successful career journey from being an employee to being an entrepreneur. Dicky did not hesitate to share his successful experience with those in need. He was once invited to speak in front of HIPMI members at the Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology in Surabaya, at Ciputra University, accompanied by his assistant Adi Kusrianto, who was a lecturer for UC at the time.

One of the keys to his success is that Dicky has the principle that in order for him to be able to go to the next level, he must be able to appoint someone to replace his position. By preparing a replacement, he will be able to rise to a higher level. Apart from that, Dicky’s generosity in sharing knowledge was during his time as a manager in factories, he often helped employees who he considered had the potential to be sent to schools. As a result, they will become a very valuable asset in supporting Dicky’s career as an entrepreneur.

Dicky Sumitro, from a factory employee in Bandung, became the owner of an embroidery factory with sophisticated Swiss-made embroidery machines.

Sciffly Embroidery Machine of Lasser brand with new high accuracy type

Examples of the production of embroidered fabrics made from cotton

Currently, PT. Embroitex Jaya’s production results are mostly allocated to fulfill the raw material demand of Muslim fashion manufacturers in the country. The factory’s embroidered fabrics are also being used by several national Muslim fashion brands.

Mr. Dicky Sumitro’s interesting success story will be continued in the next edition of Textile Bulletin.

(Red B-Teks/ Ratna Devi)

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