BULETIN TEKSTIL.COM/ Jakarta – Indonesian fashion trend forecast is again presented by the Indonesia Fashion Chamber. The latest edition is Indonesian Fashion Trend 2023-2024 with the theme Co-Exist. The COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the world for the past 3 years has given birth to various new habits (new normals) which have now become daily habits. The impact of the pandemic has made humans aware that in order to survive, humans must be able to coexist with fellow humans and other living creatures. Humans must help each other, collaborate, and be inspired by many things. Therefore, the theme Co-Exist was chosen to be the big theme for Indonesia Trend Forecast 2023-2024.

Trends emerge from various things happening in the world which then change people’s thinking patterns. The pandemic caused many undesirable events. Many people are forced to stop working and are forced to think creatively in order to survive. The pandemic has also encouraged many people to have empathy for their fellow human beings and to help those who need help more.

With so many people quitting their jobs due to economic hardship, the middle class is shrinking. Economic difficulties coupled with high prices for goods have resulted in a decline in people’s purchasing power. This forces them to think more practically and live a more minimalist life. With such incidents, many people seek a balance between life and nature, namely by moving to remote areas and practicing off-grid living, namely living by fulfilling their own needs without relying on big city facilities. . In addition, many people are also more aware of their own health, so many turn to a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

The digital world is one of the things that has been greatly pushed forward with the pandemic. Most people are now more literate with digital technology. Digitally or hybridly held events or conferences are very common nowadays. The Metaverse is one of the digital advances that this phenomenon is strongly driven by. Metaverse is a virtual world created to interact with other users and because that world is virtual, they can create and fantasize freely. Something that is not possible in the real world, in the virtual world can be realized.

There are four major consumer groupings for the Co-Exist theme, namely:

  1. The Survivors
  2. The Soul Searchers
  3. The Saviors
  4. The Self Improvers

The Survivors

Long in an uncertain situation, The Survivors try hard to stay afloat. In the midst of limitations and shortcomings, they remain optimistic. This optimism is what makes them think positively, giving birth to creativity so that the wheel of life keeps turning. Frugality becomes a new way of thinking. Stores of old items are reused, even designed into new shapes and looks with a very thick vintage feel. Reuse, renewal, and upcycle are part of their daily life.

The point is how basic old items are then added to new things, such as modified pieces to produce new designs, but still feel the vintage and retro impression. Bright and strong colors dominate the color palette of The Survivors, reflecting their passion and optimism.

Keywords for The Survivors: vintage, unique, sporty casual.

The Survivors theme is further divided into four sub-themes:

  1. Optimistic: Optimistic and still enthusiastic, marked by the use of geometric motifs combined with bright and contrasting colors, but still neat and dandy.
  2. Thrifty Chic: Frugality is the main mindset of this style. Old clothes are reinvented, recreated with added accents, or changed in shape and appearance.
  3. Retro: Vintage clothes from the past are recreated with a new twist. Large floral motifs or abstract motifs are combined with geometric motifs.
  4. Logic: Seeing simplicity from a different point of view. This trend intelligently transforms a simple (basic) silhouette into something different from before, for example by lengthening, shortening or eliminating.

The Soul Searchers

Finding emotional balance is a dream after being burdened with work for a long time. The Soul Searchers seek serenity in beautiful and remote places. Enjoying the beauty of the natural atmosphere in the countryside, soaking up the romantic simplicity of the local people really gives you a feeling of relaxation and peace. Uniting and having fun with the locals brings new inspiration in The Soul Searchers fashion style.

This trend refers to market groups who want to appear stylish but not excessive, in a frugal but creative manner. This trend is dominated by styles that are softer, more comfortable, close to nature, relaxed, and bring a cool atmosphere. Natural colors in soothing and calming pastel shades dominate The Soul Searchers. You can also add bold colors as accents to give a more joyful impression.

Keywords The Soul Searchers: rural places, healing, exotic

The Soul Searchers theme is divided into four sub-themes:

  1. joyful: A carefree and carefree atmosphere is created through a silhouette that is completely loose and comfortable to wear. Light materials with pastel colors are widely used, coupled with patchwork accents.
  2. Healing: This style embraces the beauty and wisdom of nature, respecting and loving nature by embodying and applying plant motifs and using vegetative colors.
  3. Rustic: Romanticism and the beauty of the simplicity of living in a remote place is the focus of this style. Rustic crafts or local crafts that are made in a simple way are appreciated and become an inspiration.
  4. Rural: The warm and friendly clothing style of the local population is the inspiration for the design, coupled with accessories that are characteristic of the local culture.

The Saviors

Always driven to help, The Saviors continue to take the initiative to help others in need. No matter the differences, they work together to overcome obstacles. Brave, determined and independent, The Saviors make the most of their abilities and tools.

This style encourages a more masculine design trait, but adds a mix of cultures in it. Masculine shades of gray dominate The Saviors. Combined with cobalt blue and dusty pink colors as accents, this color palette will be more interesting and not boring.

The Saviors’ keywords: activism, sportive, masculine, empathetic

The Saviors theme is further divided into 4 sub-themes:

  1. Transcultural: With the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance, cultural diversity actually becomes harmony. The bold mixing of motifs like those found in the Sekar Jagat batik motif is the inspiration for this style.
  2. Inventive: The readiness to face all obstacles inspired this style to equip itself with clothes that are practical and multifunctional, such as in the development of variations of blouses and hoodie jackets.
  3. Valiant: Tough, dashing and strong military soldiers are the inspiration for this style, but refined through silhouettes and materials that are more flexible and supple.
  4. Humanism: Humanist thinking is the inspiration for this style. An understated and not excessive appearance reflects the empathy and ethical values ​​that are adhered to, by promoting a basic, sporty fashion style.

The Self Improvers

Young people who grew up in the digital age; passionate about exploring the virtual world. There they discover a new reality that meets their needs and transcends the limitations of the real world. Always challenged to improve abilities and identity by experimenting. Combining with digital technology; forming an amalgamation of the real world and the virtual world, creating conditions where humans and artificial intelligence technology are increasingly intertwined.

In this style trend, the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world are increasingly disappearing, giving rise to a new world, with an experimental design style, resulting in styles that are fun, cute, dramatic and futuristic. Bright colors are the dominant color palette of The Self-Improvers. These colors can stand alone or be applied in multiple gradations.

Keywords The Self Improvers: multidimensions, real x virtual, unpredictable

The Self Improvers are further divided into four sub-themes:

  1. South: The virtual world evokes the spirit and the childish spirit to explore and play with new inventions, which are translated into techniques and materials processing, as well as bulging forms.
  2. Tech Paradox: The virtual world encourages unconventional fashion that is different from reality which is translated through silhouettes, detailed colors, materials, structures – or a combination of these elements.
  3. Simulation: The sophistication of technology makes dreams come true to be part of the results of creation and innovation. Through Artificial Intelligence, humans can represent themselves through avatars that wear clothes with fantastic designs outside of reality.
  4. New Reality: Inspired by cyberspace, this design style builds reality based on shared experiences from the world of augmented reality which is realized and translated into clothes that are more wearable.

(Red B-Teks/Shinta Djiwatampu)

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