Textile Newsletter 23rd Edition


Hi Bultex friends…
There are no words that can express our excitement when we publish every issue in the textile newsletter. .

Textile Bulletin is back with a new face after previously only sharing web form, then pdf, and now the pdf version is also bilingual (Indonesian & English).
The Textile Bulletin also contains the formation of Contributors who are young and senior researchers in their fields to provide freshness in themes and language. This edition of 23 is also the result of the writings of young researchers who are full of enthusiasm to convey themes around the world of the Textile Industry and Textile Products in popular language that is easy to understand.

Various articles in this issue will bring readers closer to the world of the textile industry and its current condition. We also invite readers to contribute to share knowledge so as to enrich articles in textile bulletins. We certainly realize that there are still many shortcomings, therefore we apologize for the existing shortcomings. We will make continuous improvement efforts to improve the quality of textile newsletters.

Finally, happy reading, and here are the articles that we have prepared:

1.Indonesia’s G20 Presidency Becomes Hope for Navigating the Global Crisis

2. G20 Summit Contributes IDR 7.4 Trillion GDP

3. Textile Business Prediction in 2023

4. 64,000 Textile Industry Workers lay off, Really?

5. Cotton Functional Advanced Textile Material with Carbonic Anhydrase as an Absorber of CO2 Pollution in the Air

6. Uniting the Nation Through Batik

7. Building an Integrated GRC

8. Innovation of Water Catching Cloth from Fog

9. Textile Exports Drop, Economists Offer Solutions to Save the Country from the 2023 Recession




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